How to Art Journal for Beginners

Art Journaling for Beginners, Getting Started

Wondering how to art journal? Here’s some information to get started!

What is an art journal?

An art diaryart journal or visual journal is a journal kept by creative people, often containing both words and sketches, mixed media an other elements such as collage and ephemera. An art journal can have many purposes from a personal space to explore thoughts, feelings and life events to a place to work out ideas for later finished art works to even holding all the daily elements of ones life: from to-do lists to pages that can stand on their own as finished works. An art journal is exactly how you define it for your own creative life and is what you choose it to be!

 There are No Art Journal Police

Remember that your creative journey is yours and progress, not perfection, is the goal. Everyone was a beginner at one time and everyone starts at the beginning. Enjoy the gift of being a beginner

Get Your Copy of the Art Journal FAQ

The Art Journal FAQ is a fun and easy to read 15 page EBook on how to get started art journaling and keeping an Art Journal that expresses your unique creativity. It’s also free – Click here to get your copy!

The Beginners Tool Kit for Art Journaling

Art Journaling is wonderfully creative and very flexible – there are literally no rules. But, there’s so much to choose from, where do you start? Here’s a basic list of supplies to get started. Best part: these are all affordable and easily available!

If you’d like a full-full color, illustrated PDF download of the toolkit, it’s right here!

Classes to Help You Get Started

Find art journaling classes especially chosen for you from our learning partner, Bluprint. It’s a pretty awesome place where you can learn from all kinds of creative experts.


Simply Stunning Art Journals – 
Create art journals that express your creativity and inspire your inner artist. Learn how to turn your blank pages into beautifully executed designs.


Art Journaling With Watercolor, Ink & More – 
Elevate your art journaling with a variety of water-based materials.


Meet Jane Davenport and peek into her studio for insights into her art journaling process!


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