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Art Journaling Prompt: How Do You Approach Something Difficult?


It’s time for another art journaling prompt: Describe how you approach a difficult task.

This one is deceptively simple and there are several ways to start. You can lead with a straightforward list of steps. If you choose that way, I’d encourage you to elaborate on those steps with how you feel or why you choose them. The expressive part of this prompt is in learning more about yourself when dealing with difficulties.

Another way to start is to take an intuitive direction and explore why something might be hard for you and how you feel about doing hard things in your life. Choosing this way to start is more open to visual imagery and a free-form style.

Or, choose the combo platter! Start with the concrete steps and let that flow into an intuitive exploration. The important thing is that you feel like the page has expressed what you’re thinking and feeling.

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