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Perfect is an Illusion – Keep an Artists’ Journal




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Art is not Perfect!


Hello to July!

It’s July already – half our journaling year has passed by. I hope you’ve been creating in all kinds of ways as well as art journaling.

Are you struggling with the idea that a page has to be perfect or you’re afraid of "messing up?" Yep, we all do!

Perfect is an Illusion

Have you noticed whenever you look at someone else’s work, it’s great? There are lovely layers, tidy little drawings, yummy colors and so on…

And yet, if you look closely, you might notice the place where the layers aren’t covering all the way, or the drawings have re-statement marks or the colors clash and run together in a few places.

Perhaps the creator even pointed those so-called flaws out to you or maybe you do the same for your own work. Does knowing about the rough spots change the work in any way? Did the layers suddenly start working together or the colors magically rearrange themselves to stop fighting?

No, nothing in the art changed, yet it still exists as a cohesive and expressive whole. I believe that the heart of creative work is to allow, and accept, the imperfect as part of the whole. That’s the magic of art – it’s not perfect in its parts but the whole is beautiful.


Good Stuff in the Group


This week in the group, we had a great post looking for inspiration for journal covers – and there are lots of great journal covers in the comments. Check this post if you’re wondering about the cover of your next journal!

The Take 5 Journal Giveaway is officially over but there are more good things coming – look for more giveaways and other fun soon!

If you need a little help getting started,  the Learning Section of the group has resources, videos and inspiration to help. You’ll also find the weekly posts at the top of the feed: Technique Tuesday, Inspiration Spotlight on Wednesday and Throw Back Thursday.


Create Your Life!




PS Look for and accept the beautiful imperfections in your art and take a journal workshop without leaving your home! This book is one in my personal library and we’ll be taking a look inside soon…




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