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Chalk Pencils for the Win – Add Color and Life with One Stroke

Hello to You!
Would you like to introduce some ease, looseness and color into your art…with one stroke? Try chalk pencils! These are one of my favorite art supplies – so much so that I actually have two sets: one for the studio and a smaller one for my travel kit.
Chalk! In a Pencil!
They’re exactly what they sound like – chalk in a pencil. Best thing ever if you (like me) don’t like to get your hands all smudgy. The pencil casing means they travel well and sharpen pretty easily.
They are so vibrant! Like most dry pigment media, the color is intense and generally opaque, depending on the underlying layer. Similar to chalk pastel, they’re blendable and the ones I use (Stabilo Carbothello) can be activated with water for more blending options but you’ll still see stroke marks to some degree.
I sharpen mine in a small electric pencil sharpener but there is the occasional pencil that has to be sharpened by hand with a knife. I’ve not had too much trouble with broken chalk in the casings with the Stabilos.
They come in sets, this is my studio set and my smaller travel set, and open stock to replace the ones you use the most.
Another big advantage to using them is they encourage looser, more painterly strokes so you don’t work so tightly with them. If you’re looking for more expressive marks with lots of life and color, give chalk a try!
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