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Art Journaling – Am I Doing This Right?

Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz on Unsplash

Yes – You Are! There aren’t any rules for art journaling.

It’s not a special thing that you have to do “just right” for it to count. Your art journal doesn’t have to be perfect or perfectly orderly. It can be a diary with only text or it can have only images or be a combination of both. It doesn’t have to be completely original on every page – it’s OK to use images from other sources. There isn’t anything special about the tools or materials – there is no “correct” pen, ink, paint or glue. It’s not any particular shape or size nor does it have to have special paper for the pages; it may not even be a book at all.

The most important thing about YOUR art journal is that it’s yours and it pleases YOU. If there was a rule, that would be it.

If you’re still a little stuck on all that freedom, check out this handy Ebook I wrote for you – The Art Journal FAQ