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Keep it Simple – Low Stress Art Journaling

My all-time favorite journal making paper

Does that nice journal scare you? Or maybe you keep waiting until you have ENOUGH time or the RIGHT idea so you can do justice to the page? It’s kind of stressful, huh?

There’s another way – keep it really simple, I mean single sheet of paper simple. Truthfully, this is my favorite way to make journal pages of all kinds. I use a single sheet of letter size paper and fold it in half for a folio sheet. Then, I can write, draw and even paint on either the half pages or the whole pages freely. If something goes really wrong, no big deal! It just goes into the bin and I can start a new one.

Once I’ve accumulated several folded sheets, I can combine those into a journal or keep them in a folded cover folio. It’s the simplest way to make a journal I know and not at all intimidating. Take some of the stress out and try simple pages!

This is my all-time favorite paper to use for journal sheets – it’s a writing paper from Strathmore with a good rag content so it even takes light watercolor well.