Art Journaling and Body Be Gone™ Sampler and Contest

Time to clean up! You’re in for the contest and the sampler collage page! Download your sampler and swatch sheet right here.

Meet Me at the Virtual Extravaganza!

Yes! There’s an event for the Body Be Gone official launch and I’m giving a talk – “Unlocking Your #Everyday Creativity” – a fun and interactive session that will light up your creativity. Come join me on November 12, 2020 at 5 PM EST and use the code “artjournal” for a $5 discount on your ticket! There’s lots to see and do with prizes too -See ya’ there!

Art Journaling for Beginners and Body Be Gone™ Contest!

Ready? Let’s make something fun! Together with the creatively amazing Nicole Fende and Tesseray Publishing we’re holding a contest in honor of her new boxed party game Body Be Gone™!

In the game Body Be Gone™ players are cleaners, people who dispose of bodies quietly with no questions asked. There are many silly ways, places, and actions you can take to dispose of the bodies using the cards in your hand. This is a lighthearted party game – for context think Scooby Doo or the movie Clue.

The player who does the best (without getting arrested by the FBI) wins a franchise from Body Be Gone™ – a company that claims they’ve been “Mopping Up Loose Ends Since 1927”.

Make a page of any size using the colors in the sampler swatch and a chalk outline of any kind – use your imagination! You can use any media you like and add other things to your page. Share your creation with the hashtag #BodyBeGone.

If your page or tag catches the eye of the proprietor of the Body Be Gone™ franchise, you may be contacted to “work something out” and use your art in the game – don’t worry it’s perfectly safe!

So. Many. Prizes!

  • A physical boxed copy of the Body Be Gone™ party game, subject to release date
  • A printed copy of the Cut it Up Body Be Gone™ Collage Book
  • One copy of each of the Art Journaling Paper Play Books: Vintage Edition and the new Circus Edition.
  • Digital Printable Bundles of all three collage books – 3 Sets awarded

The contest ends October 31, 2020, the winners (a total of 6 prizes) will be drawn randomly from those signed up and the winners notified via email on or around November 14, 2020. There is no purchase required to enter or win and this contest is not affiliated with any company other than those noted.