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From My Library: Make Your Own Art Journals

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How to Make Books: Fold, Cut & Stitch Your Way to a One of a Kind Book This is one of my favorite books about making books. It’s a good looking and beautifully made hardcover with some of the most accessible methods for bookmaking I’ve seen. While the folded books are simple and easy to do, there’s lots of room for personal expression. The author also includes more involved constructions for when you’re ready to branch out.

Artist’s Journal Workshop: Creating Your Life in Words and Pictures I love this book for it’s insight into an artist’s journal – not the same as an Art Journal. This book focuses more on how to use your journal to further your creative practice and develop your own creativity. The author is a lifelong practicing artist with a wealth of information and guidance.

Create Your Own Artist’s Journal Again, this book is more about keeping a journal to record your own thoughts, impressions, drawings and reactions to the things you encounter. The author includes her own lovely watercolors and helpful information on incorporating journaling into your daily life.

Re-Bound: Creating Handmade Books from Recycled and Repurposed Materials This book is full of inspiration for upcycling all kinds of things into journals. The instructions are simplified a bit but adequate and the whole book encourages experimentation and creative exploration.

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A Whole Library of Awesome Art Instruction

If you’re not able to come to our live event with Karen Cambell, how about the next best thing? Learning from her books! She’s totally inspiring and fun and makes everything crystal clear in person and her books are just like her. Check out this list of her best loved books including the newest on how to draw hands…I know, hands!!

Creativity is Curious

Creativity likes to find pockets of shiny and new in your daily life. That doesn’t mean epic and overwhelming, it’s more the gentle surprise of a daffodil budding where there wasn’t one yesterday or a little  time looking through a new book or the bit of happiness when you notice how pretty the rows of brightly colored produce look in the grocery. Nurture these little pockets of delight in your day and see what possibilities open for you.

Create Your Life!


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Do You Have an Artistic Style? Yes, You Do – Learn What It Is!

Happy March!

I always like the beginning of a new month – because, possibilities! I’ve been trying out new things in the studio lately and learning lots – from revisiting palette knife painting to exploring the instant book form we’ve talked about before and a few other things. Of course, it’s not all gone perfectly – I’ve made a few ugly bits too!

It’s good for your creativity to stretch and push and even make some ugly art. After all, ugly art comes before good art. Do you take time and space to learn and try new things? It doesn’t have to be  a big commitment, even trying something small for the first time is a creative expansion.

Artistic Style – What is it and do you have one?

Hint: Yes, you do! Are you struggling with trying to find your own style even after watching a jillion You Tube videos? Check out this video from the Art Journaling for Beginners You Tube channel where I talk about that exact thing. We talked about what artistic style is, how to describe it, how it varies with the medium used and even looked at some examples to make things clearer. This video will finally help you find your style.

Make Your Own Art!



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Beginners Video Playlist – Start Expressing Your Creativity

Mixed Media Painting LadyAre you expressing yourself creatively with art journaling yet? I know, it seems overwhelming, what with all the different techniques and supplies to think about. What if you could have someone practically at your elbow while you work?

Especially for Beginners Video Playlist

Here you go! Check out this You Tube playlist on the Art Journaling for Beginners Channel – I’ve chosen it especially for you to get started and keep going. These videos are from the amazingly helpful and fun Karen Campbell to show you exactly what you need to get going. Check them out! (Be sure to subscribe to the AJfB channel while you’re there to keep up with new things coming your way.)

Mixed Media Art Journaling Live Class – Perfect for Beginners!

If you loved Karen’s videos and her bubbly teaching style, now’s your chance to join us in person and learn how to make the gorgeous Lady of Spring project. She’s designed it especially for Art Journaling for Beginners and it’s really and truly a beginner project – I promise!

Karen breaks down every project to the smallest, most doable part and shows you exactly how to do it. You’ll also learn to understand your products and mediums so you can use them with confidence for every project you undertake. It’s going to be a full day of art journaling and fun at The North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC. You’ll want to sign up because space is limited. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!

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Who Do You Make Art For? Free Printable Inspiration!

Who Do You Make Art For?

(Click image for free printable)

Do you find yourself looking at other artist’s work and thinking yours isn’t that good, should look more like that, feeling jealous of it or dismissing it as not good enough? These are all signs of comparisonitis, a creeping dis-ease of the artist’s heart. It rears its ugly head in these kinds of thoughts and poisons the creative well.

Once it worms its way in, you start creating more and more for a diffuse and impossible to satisfy “other” in your mind. Your work becomes less and less nourishing and satisfying to you, maybe even as it’s being applauded by others. Creating starts to feel like a chore or stops altogether…what happened?

Slowly, by small steps, you stopped creating for the only right audience – you. That’s what comparison does, it insidiously substitutes your own joy in creating art for a tepid and nebulous approval from outside yourself. When you find yourself falling into that trap, remember who you’re making art for and take back your creative joy!

Just for You – Printable Inspiration

Click here to sign up to download and print this pretty reminder to create your own joy. It’s a subscriber only freebie created especially for you. Enjoy!