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Starting January! Life Book 2021 from Tamara Laporte – Save 20% – Code Inside

Hey There!

Are you ready for a new start in a new year? Something to look forward to? I’ve got something you might like: a year long mixed media course taught by the amazing Tamara Laporte. It’s one of the most popular mixed media art courses on the internet! It’s been running since 2011 providing excellent instruction and access to expert teachers and artists.

What’s in the Box?

When you join Life Book you get an incredible amount of creative and well-being content. Here’s everything you get in the basic one year long package:

  • Over 80+ mixed media art & well-being classes
  • Learn from 30 expert artists
  • Includes a virtual gift bag with lots of goodies
  • Learn to use your creativity to support your well-being
  • Lifetime access to all class videos
  • All content downloadable

All this is just $149 for the whole course. AND, you can save 20% right now with this discount code: FEELHAPPY20

Another Goodie for You

You’ll also get a Virtual Gift Bag with over 30 gifts and goodies including high resolution art prints (for you to print out at home), extra free classes, exclusive discount codes from your teachers, free ebooks, coloring pages and collage sheets!

Just visit Tam’s site to sign up and don’t forget your 20% discount code – FEELHAPPY20. But, hurry, that code expires December 31, 2020!

Here’s to a happy and healthy New Year – see you there!

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Holiday Kindness Journal Cards

It’s the holidays and let’s spread a little kindness! Use these journal cards (download your printable PDF right here) or make your own card or tag. It’s just two steps!

  • Write or draw a kind thought, uplifting quote or other positive message on the card.
  • Give that card to someone else. Hand it to the cashier at the grocery, the server in the drive-through, a family member, a neighbor or anyone who could use a bit of kindness.

Post your cards, before you gift them, with the hashtag #kindnesscard and let’s share the love!

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Autumn Leaves Watercolor Wallpaper

My gift to you!
Download this original watercolor with “Create Joy” sentiment for your computer and phone wallpaper as reminder of the creative power you have. Just click to open and save it to your desktop.

Make sure you don’t miss any of these gifts and even more subscriber exclusives (gifts, studio updates, discounts, etc.) and sign up for the newsletter. You’ll also get a copy of the fast and fun ebook “The Art Journal FAQ” – check it out!

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Curiosity is the Gateway to Creativity

Are you curious? If you’re like most deeply creative people, your curiosity, about everything, knows no bounds – even though you might keep your relentless questions quiet from time to time to not annoy your friends.

Curiosity is the gateway to creativity. Asking questions is the natural way to move forward. After all, the creative process itself is often sparked with the question “What if?”

Harness Your Curiosity

Curiosity is a great start but to really make creative gains, you’ll want to direct and amplify that force. Here are 3 essential practices to develop your creative curiosity.

Keep an Art Journal

Yes, we’ve all heard this time and again, but it really is the beginning of a meaningful creative practice. It doesn’t matter if your notebook is plain or fancy, lined or unlined or bound or loose pages – it only matters that you carry it with you and use it regularly. Don’t worry about being “writerly” or “artistic” either. Use it for everything that strikes your fancy.

Mine are usually smaller notebooks that I can carry with me that I use to make notes, sketches, lists (sometimes it’s just my shopping list) and even attach clippings and other scraps that interest me. The pages are a mash-up of my daily life and aren’t very often beautiful, but they’re mine. This is the one I’m working in right now:

Ask, Ask, Ask

Of course, asking questions is the realm of the curious but how often and how deeply do you really question what you encounter everyday?

Start a new page in your notebook for something in your daily life – say your commute to work or a project you’re working on – and ask the basic questions: Who is involved? What happens? When does it happen? Where does it happen? How does it happen? and Why does it happen?

Don’t be overly concerned with the answers as you write and try for multiple answers even if they seem silly. Make sketches or lists or margin notes if you like, the point is to become more familiar with questioning. Bonus points for finding answers that inspire new things!

Try New Things

Do you have a daily routine? Most of us do and some parts are useful and necessary like brushing your teeth every day. But, other parts are ripe for change. Trying new things doesn’t have to mean big, bold life altering changes.

Start small: vary the route you take on a routine errand or to work, try a new brand of food, personal items or art supplies on your next shopping trip, listen to a different station for unfamiliar music, etc. Make a point to change something regularly and see how it affects your creativity.

Creativity is in the Questions

While curiosity drives creativity, it can be hard to hold on to that questioning spirit when the world around us wants to get to the right answer without enjoying the creative questioning that takes time to unfold a truly new answer. What ways do you keep asking your creative questions? Let me know – I’d love to hear!

*This notebook is covered in an exclusive print of my watercolor doodles and has both lines and space for drawings. That’s hard to find, so I made this one! Grab yours from Amazon here!

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