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Featuring: Your Art Journal!

Do you want to see your art journal page in print? I’m putting together a special Art Journaling Showcase for the Summer 2021 Edition of the Creatopia™ Collection magazine and would love to include your work. You’ll get to see your work highlighted in a beautiful magazine collection with full credit for your featured art. All credit lines will be directly adjacent to the art and you can even include a link to your site or social if you’d like.

The only requirement is that your page be in keeping with the theme (see the sample board and description below) and that you submit it via this submission form with the relevant information filled in.

What you need to fill in the form and submit your work: A clear, well-lit, in focus picture of your page that is square and fills most of the frame. Submit it as a jpg for the artwork AND the headshot if you don’t have one. Copy and paste this as the bio field if you don’t have one: Art Journal page submission for Summer 2021 Magazine from the Art Journaling for Beginners Group. If you have a bio and head-shot, feel free to include them, however, they may not appear due to space limitations.

Theme Information:

The theme of this issue is “Lazy Lake Days”, and the feature color is rich azure blue with a secondary accent of golden yellow. In this issue, we’re savoring the feelings of warmth and ease and gentle nostalgia that the golden days and soft nights of summer bring. We want to know what moves you about the summer season: fireflies, campfires, the scent of summer blooms, the sound of crickets, the bounty of summer garden plots and more! This edition is all about the sweetness of summer. Be sure to check our sample board for more inspiration.

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Love to Color? Creative Spotlight: Jane Maday

Creative Spotlight: Jane Maday!

Many of you know Jane’s work and books because she’s a wonderfully talented illustrator and author. I’m so excited and honored to share that Jane very kindly agreed to a feature in the new Creatopia™ magazine and she’s amazing.

Check it out for a peek at two of her newest books with sample pages! Find out more about the books that are out now and featured in the Spring 2021 Edition of the Creatopia™ Magazine! It’s 52 pages of gorgeous spring things (Jane’s on page 28) and is completely free to download, get your copy now!

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Spring is Unfolding – Digital Magazine Download

Have I told you about my new project? It’s called Creatopia™ and there are so many good things unfolding there!

I’m excited to bring you the Spring 2021 Collection Edition with the theme of “Unfolding.” It’s a gorgeous confection of spring greens and all the creative things we love about the Spring season including articles, poems, a book excerpt and even sample coloring pages from our talented contributors. And there’s more: what to read, a fun playlist, spotlight on Lemongrass – the scent of spring – and a new LEGO Botanical kit!

It’s free to download and share with anyone you think might like it – click here to freely download your 52 page digital copy.

Special Bonus – Physical Copies are Available

The digital copy is yours to freely download plus you can order a high-quality print copy of the issue. We’re having a limited number of issues printed to showcase the freshness of Spring and the Unfolding of the season – once they’re gone, they’re gone! Pre-order your exclusive copy here for only $9.95 – don’t miss out!

Browse the magazine and let me know what you think – I’d love to hear from you!