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Art Journaling: Say Goodbye to 2020

It’s been quite a year! And, now it’s time to say goodbye to the past year.

It’s easy to forget the importance of looking over our past, valuing it, honoring it and saying a proper goodbye. Without doing that, it’s hard to turn to the future and clearly see the possibilities there.

So, our own wise and insightful Carolyn Hawkins of WhollyPiecemeal is helping us with a way to manage the transition into the new year with an Art Journaling Goodbye to 2020. She suggests making three pages, a triptych if you like, or dividing a page into thirds. The three pages/divisions represent:

  • Where you are and have been in the past year,
  • The transition space you’re in now, and
  • What your dreams and goals are.

Create your pages to say goodbye to 2020, honor the transition and welcome the future!

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Art Journal Prompt Series – 12 Days of Christmas

12 Days of Christmas Text


Welcome to the 12 Days of Christmas Art Journal Prompt Event!

We’ve been getting something fun ready for you – a special art journal prompt series created just for us by my very wise friend Carolyn of @Whollypiecemeal. Better still, there’s a giveaway at the end!

Starting Christmas day, you’ll find a post pinned to the top in the group with the prompt for the day and the Christmas “Or.”  Create a journal page, tag, or journal card using the “Or” or the prompt as a starting point. Then post your creation in the Facebook Group, with your answer to the “Or” along with the hashtag #12Days to enter the giveaway.

Each time you post with the hashtag, that’s one entry so you’ll want to do all of them.  Hint: That hashtag is how we’re going to find all the entries so be sure to use it!

When the 12 days have ended in January, we’ll collect the entries and draw a winner for a book that I have in my personal library: “Surface Treatment Workshop – Explore 45 Mixed-Media Techniques” by Dalrene Olivia McElroy and Sandra Duran Wilson. It’s a treasure trove of mixed media goodness. Bonus: I’ll add a special sample of artist ephemera from my worktable for you to create with!

Surface Treatment Workshop for art journal prompt

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Art Journaling Prompt: How Do You Approach Something Difficult?


It’s time for another art journaling prompt: Describe how you approach a difficult task.

This one is deceptively simple and there are several ways to start. You can lead with a straightforward list of steps. If you choose that way, I’d encourage you to elaborate on those steps with how you feel or why you choose them. The expressive part of this prompt is in learning more about yourself when dealing with difficulties.

Another way to start is to take an intuitive direction and explore why something might be hard for you and how you feel about doing hard things in your life. Choosing this way to start is more open to visual imagery and a free-form style.

Or, choose the combo platter! Start with the concrete steps and let that flow into an intuitive exploration. The important thing is that you feel like the page has expressed what you’re thinking and feeling.

Head over to the group to see what’s up.




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Art Journaling Prompt: Use a Color You Don’t Like

Art Journal Prompt Colors

I’ve got an art journaling prompt for you today that may surprise you: Use a Color You Don’t Like

Say what? A color I don’t like?

I know it sounds kind of crazy and not very much fun. But, hear me out…

First, you don’t have to use a lot of it. If you really don’t like slimy green, I’m not asking you to coat an entire page with it. Just look for a place to add a drop of that snotty stuff. It’s amazing what a little touch of an unexpected color can do to liven up a page.

Second, and this is the more important reason, working outside your comfort zone, even a little bit, is good for expanding your creativity. Having a constraint or requirement in an otherwise wide open space can inspire you to think more expansively.

So, grab that paint, pencil or paper in that weird shade you haven’t been able to figure out and give it a try!

Head over to the group to see what other folks are doing with strange colors.




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Art Journal Prompts – 101 Words to Think About

Art Journal Prompt Colored Pencils

101 Art Journal Prompts

Use these art journal prompts as a boost for inspiration when you’re starting a new art journal page! Choose one and write, draw, collage and paint your thoughts.

SHARE: Use #ArtJournalingforBeginners on your favorite social network and post your pictures in our  Art Journaling for Beginners Facebook Group . Come join us – we’d love to meet you there!
1. angel
2. bag
3. basket
4. beads
5. bench
6. birdhouse
7. black
8. boat
9. bold
10. book
11. bow
12. box
13. butterfly
14. candy
15. castle
16. celebration
17. cereal
18. circles
19. cityscape
20. clothesline
21. clouds
22. coffee
23. contrast
24. cross
25. crown
26. cupcake
27. curls
28. dandelions
29. dashes
30. delight
31. dice
32. discomfort
33. door
34. dreams
35. dress
36. earth
37. fairy
38. family
39. feather
40. fire
41. fireworks
42. fishing
43. flags
44. forest
45. gift
46. glasses
47. glue
48. graffiti
49. grass
50. green
51. hanger
52. heartbeat
53. hearts
54. hill
55. ice cream
56. island
57. jar
58. ladder
59. lamp
60. light
61. luggage
62. magazine
63. mask
64. moonlight
65. nest
66. neutral
67. ocean
68. orange
69. paisley
70. pebble
71. pillow
72. pinwheel
73. prayer
74. puzzle
75. rain
76. rainbow
77. ribbon
78. ruler
79. sand
80. scarf
81. seashell
82. shadow
83. shapes
84. silhouette
85. sky
86. snow
87. socks
88. sour
89. sparkle
90. stars
91. string
92. stripes
93. sweet
94. table
95. tags
96. tears
97. umbrella
98. water
99. window
100. windy
101. yellow