Endless Book Creative Exploration Materials and Supplies

These are the materials and supplies I used but you can, and should, use the materials that speak to you and add your personal meaning to the project. The clear and white gessos are key components to giving the project the soft and evocative look but most every other item is open to your invention and interpretation.


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For the base page: Watercolor Paper, 9×12, I’m using Arteza brand because I feel like it’s a good quality paper for the base of this project. You can use any size sheet as the finished book is proportional to the size you start with. For a first project, start with this size or larger to become comfortable with the form. Using a smaller sheet to make a tiny book is a great next creative step.

Papers for collage, use a mix of papers from your library of art papers, magazine images and textured papers like mulberry and rice paper.

Gloss Gel Medium, any brand will work, we’re using it as an adhesive for paper and other elements.

Clear Gesso, I’ve only found and used the Liquitex brand myself.

White Gesso, there are lots of brands of gesso and they all have slightly different characteristics. Some are thinner, others thicker, some are smoother while others are grittier. Once you find the ones you like, you’ll want to stick with it. I use either Liquitex brand or Michaels’s Artist’s Loft brand, depending on what I’m trying to achieve and how much I need to use.  

Water soluble/activated marking tool, I used a Tombow marker but a Stabilo All pencil works well too.

Chalk Pencils,  I’m using Stabilo Carb Othello chalk pencils. You can use any other colorful mark making tool that strikes your fancy: brush markers, charcoal, or even crayons. Use what you like!

Acrylic paint in 3 colors – choose 3 similar colors, 3 shades of the same color or three contrasting colors but only 3 colors! Make sure they echo or play well with your collage page to make sure the final project is cohesive. As long as you choose a mid-level or higher quality paint, it will be fine. I’m using the Michael’s brand Artist’s Loft here because I prefer the softer finish to the more pigment heavy artist’s level paints.

Fabric or paper strips for binding, crepe paper streamers and wide washi tape make nice edgings too.

Ribbon or other fiber for decorative topper

Sili-Brush Glue Brush for the gel medium, you can use regular brushes or cosmetic wedges as well, I just love this brush for the ease of cleaning.

Cosmetic Wedges for applying paint



Binder Clips

Reference Book: “How to Make Books” for several versions of instant folded books and more.

Painty Fun Splash Apron, Exclusive Design https://artjournalingforbeginners.com/index.php/product/apron/

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