How to Make a Collage Art Tag – Circus Edition

Circus Clown Collage Tag Materials and Supplies

Demonstration Video:

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Materials and Supplies:

Cut and Collage Paper Play Book – Circus Edition

4 x 6 Kraft Index Cards for base of tag

PVA Bookbinders glue, white glue or gel medium (any good quality glue for gluing paper)

Sili-Brush Glue Brush for the gel medium, you can use regular brushes or cosmetic wedges as well, I just love this brush for the ease of cleaning

Acrylic Paint in Raw Umber and Metallic Gold or colors of your choice

Hole punch


Cosmetic Wedges for applying paint and or glue


Decorative yarn or other fibers

Construction Steps:

  1. Choose background paper and glue to card base, trim to size.
  2. Choose focal element and cut from page.
  3. Adhere element to tag.
  4. Choose secondary element, cut from page and adhere to tag.
  5. Trim tops of tag at an angle and punch hanging hole.
  6. Distress and accent edges of tag with acrylic paints.
  7. Add decorative fibers.

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