Arteza Watercolor Paper – 9 x 12 Pad – Studio Review

Arteza Watercolor Paper,  9 x 12 Pad,  Studio Review


In The Studio: Arteza Watercolor Paper

Arteza Watercolor Paper is a mid-level brand of art supplies and are easy to find as well as value conscious. I’ve been trialing a pad of their 140 lb, cold-press “Expert” paper in the 9×12 size.

The cold-press texture surface is really nice and doesn’t seem too mechanical – a drawback in many of the lower tier papers – and shows the watercolor colors bright and true. That’s probably the thing that I most like about this paper as papers in this price range often don’t show colors well at all.

The front of the pad says it’s “Dual-Sided” and that’s true in the sense that it has two sides; but, the second side is very smooth and not particularly watercolor friendly. It does work well for other media like pencils, markers, etc. Which brings me to the other thing about this paper: it’s useful for so many things! I find I’m using it when I need a substantial weight paper in practically any project and it’s been accommodating to everything I’ve tried.

While you can’t forget that it’s not a professional quality, mould-made watercolor paper, I’m very pleased with it as a basic watercolor paper and studio supply. If you’re looking for a good quality all purpose paper, try this one and see what you think!

Watch a short product review of this set: