Spring is Here French Crown Tags – Printable Distressed Tags – Grunge Chic – Digital Collage Sheet – Tags, Journals, and Scrapbooks


Spring is Here French Crown Tags, Printable Distressed Tags, Grunge Chic, Digital Collage Sheet, Tags, Journals, and Scrapbooks


Spring is here! These tags say so – in French, no less. Perfect for your spring parties or gifts – make everyone feel like royalty! Print your own spring time scrapbooking and journal tags with this easy to use digital collage sheet. Each tag is 2.5 inches wide by 3.5 inches long. You get 6 tags on one sheet without the watermark for easy printing.

The sheet prints easily on your home printer on letter size paper. Instant download so you can start cutting and creating right away.

It’s easy to print the one page PDF and then just cut the tags out to use in any project!

Hint: Spray your printed sheet with a light coat of fixative or clear sealer to prevent the dreaded ink run.


What you CAN do:

Print as many sheets as you wish for personal use.
Create personal use items for events and parties.
Create personal digital creations, collages and scrapbook pages for display on personal sites.
Create with no number limit, hand crafted items to sell. You must make them yourself with no employees or mass production equipment. You may sell them at craft shows, booths in craft mall stores, boutiques, or your own website.

What you CANNOT do:

Distribute these digital files in any form, include them in compilation CD or other formats, sell them as digital kits, or file share them with others.
Mass produce or make products to sell bulk wholesale to any kind of store.
Claim them as your own.
Use the art digitally in any new creation, collage or other kit that you resell digitally in any way.
Use the art for Print on Demand marketplaces such as Zazzle or Cafe Press or on other types of merchandise such as t-shirts.
License any designs that you make (such as collage paintings) that are derivatives of this work.
Use for commercial use for products of any type. There is a separate commercial license for this type of use. Please contact me for more information.

Your purchase and/or use of any digital product, including free items, is your consent to these Terms of Use

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