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Create With Me!

Step into my studio and collaborate with me! I’ve put together a special package of my own original art and other special gifts from my studio as a window and invitation into my creative process. I have so enjoyed the process of putting these packages together as a gift for you as a way we can co-create to make beautiful things.

This package of fine and studio art, production samples, models, and ephemera is 100% my own work by my own hand. It includes original art and designs from my creative practice and I’m honored to share and collaborate with you. You’ll receive the items pictured in each package along with a Certificate of Originality with the package number.

Because each item in each package is one of a kind, these packages are very exclusive so there will only be about a dozen in a year, maybe less.

Which One Will You Choose?

Each package is unique – created and curated by my own hand – and will never be reproduced so they are individually numbered. This first set of 3 packages includes a feature original artwork of a watercolor life drawing sketch from my figure drawing practice that is signed and suitable for framing. You also get a generous set of studio ephemera and other items to include in your own creative projects. Each package contains over 12 pieces of art plus a package of studio ephemera. Don’t wait, there is literally only ONE so get your package now.



Copyright Note:

© Monette Satterfield  You may use and/or dispose of the items in the package as you choose but you may not reproduce, copy, license or otherwise duplicate the items (other than limited instances for your personal use in your project) because copyright of the original remains with the creator.


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