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Keep it Simple – Low Stress Art Journaling

My all-time favorite journal making paper

Does that nice journal scare you? Or maybe you keep waiting until you have ENOUGH time or the RIGHT idea so you can do justice to the page? It’s kind of stressful, huh?

There’s another way – keep it really simple, I mean single sheet of paper simple. Truthfully, this is my favorite way to make journal pages of all kinds. I use a single sheet of letter size paper and fold it in half for a folio sheet. Then, I can write, draw and even paint on either the half pages or the whole pages freely. If something goes really wrong, no big deal! It just goes into the bin and I can start a new one.

Once I’ve accumulated several folded sheets, I can combine those into a journal or keep them in a folded cover folio. It’s the simplest way to make a journal I know and not at all intimidating. Take some of the stress out and try simple pages!

This is my all-time favorite paper to use for journal sheets – it’s a writing paper from Strathmore with a good rag content so it even takes light watercolor well.

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Art Journaling – Am I Doing This Right?

Photo by Noémi Macavei-Katócz on Unsplash

Yes – You Are! There aren’t any rules for art journaling.

It’s not a special thing that you have to do “just right” for it to count. Your art journal doesn’t have to be perfect or perfectly orderly. It can be a diary with only text or it can have only images or be a combination of both. It doesn’t have to be completely original on every page – it’s OK to use images from other sources. There isn’t anything special about the tools or materials – there is no “correct” pen, ink, paint or glue. It’s not any particular shape or size nor does it have to have special paper for the pages; it may not even be a book at all.

The most important thing about YOUR art journal is that it’s yours and it pleases YOU. If there was a rule, that would be it.

If you’re still a little stuck on all that freedom, check out this handy Ebook I wrote for you – The Art Journal FAQ

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Art Journaling: Say Goodbye to 2020

It’s been quite a year! And, now it’s time to say goodbye to the past year.

It’s easy to forget the importance of looking over our past, valuing it, honoring it and saying a proper goodbye. Without doing that, it’s hard to turn to the future and clearly see the possibilities there.

So, our own wise and insightful Carolyn Hawkins of WhollyPiecemeal is helping us with a way to manage the transition into the new year with an Art Journaling Goodbye to 2020. She suggests making three pages, a triptych if you like, or dividing a page into thirds. The three pages/divisions represent:

  • Where you are and have been in the past year,
  • The transition space you’re in now, and
  • What your dreams and goals are.

Create your pages to say goodbye to 2020, honor the transition and welcome the future!

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A Whole Library of Awesome Art Instruction

If you’re not able to come to our live event with Karen Cambell, how about the next best thing? Learning from her books! She’s totally inspiring and fun and makes everything crystal clear in person and her books are just like her. Check out this list of her best loved books including the newest on how to draw hands…I know, hands!!

Creativity is Curious

Creativity likes to find pockets of shiny and new in your daily life. That doesn’t mean epic and overwhelming, it’s more the gentle surprise of a daffodil budding where there wasn’t one yesterday or a little  time looking through a new book or the bit of happiness when you notice how pretty the rows of brightly colored produce look in the grocery. Nurture these little pockets of delight in your day and see what possibilities open for you.

Create Your Life!


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Beginners Video Playlist – Start Expressing Your Creativity

Mixed Media Painting LadyAre you expressing yourself creatively with art journaling yet? I know, it seems overwhelming, what with all the different techniques and supplies to think about. What if you could have someone practically at your elbow while you work?

Especially for Beginners Video Playlist

Here you go! Check out this You Tube playlist on the Art Journaling for Beginners Channel – I’ve chosen it especially for you to get started and keep going. These videos are from the amazingly helpful and fun Karen Campbell to show you exactly what you need to get going. Check them out! (Be sure to subscribe to the AJfB channel while you’re there to keep up with new things coming your way.)

Mixed Media Art Journaling Live Class – Perfect for Beginners!

If you loved Karen’s videos and her bubbly teaching style, now’s your chance to join us in person and learn how to make the gorgeous Lady of Spring project. She’s designed it especially for Art Journaling for Beginners and it’s really and truly a beginner project – I promise!

Karen breaks down every project to the smallest, most doable part and shows you exactly how to do it. You’ll also learn to understand your products and mediums so you can use them with confidence for every project you undertake. It’s going to be a full day of art journaling and fun at The North Carolina Arboretum in Asheville, NC. You’ll want to sign up because space is limited. I’m looking forward to seeing you there!