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Holiday Kindness Journal Cards

It’s the holidays and let’s spread a little kindness! Use these journal cards (download your printable PDF right here) or make your own card or tag. It’s just two steps!

  • Write or draw a kind thought, uplifting quote or other positive message on the card.
  • Give that card to someone else. Hand it to the cashier at the grocery, the server in the drive-through, a family member, a neighbor or anyone who could use a bit of kindness.

Post your cards, before you gift them, with the hashtag #kindnesscard and let’s share the love!

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Who Do You Make Art For? Free Printable Inspiration!

Who Do You Make Art For?

(Click image for free printable)

Do you find yourself looking at other artist’s work and thinking yours isn’t that good, should look more like that, feeling jealous of it or dismissing it as not good enough? These are all signs of comparisonitis, a creeping dis-ease of the artist’s heart. It rears its ugly head in these kinds of thoughts and poisons the creative well.

Once it worms its way in, you start creating more and more for a diffuse and impossible to satisfy “other” in your mind. Your work becomes less and less nourishing and satisfying to you, maybe even as it’s being applauded by others. Creating starts to feel like a chore or stops altogether…what happened?

Slowly, by small steps, you stopped creating for the only right audience – you. That’s what comparison does, it insidiously substitutes your own joy in creating art for a tepid and nebulous approval from outside yourself. When you find yourself falling into that trap, remember who you’re making art for and take back your creative joy!

Just for You – Printable Inspiration

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