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Video: Torn Cardboard Junk Journal Video With Weird Faces

Hi There!

What are you making? Lots of cool and amazing things, I hope! Over the weekend, we had an impromptu Open Studio LIVE! You can watch me make a junk journal out of little more than cardboard and brown paper bags along with some odd faces and have some awkward moments.

Found material journals or upcycled journals or junk journals: it doesn’t matter so much what you call them – I think using un-precious materials to create is incredibly freeing. After all, if your materials came out of the recycle bin, how far wrong can you go? You’re free to try different things and to just PLAY with what you’re making. If it isn’t quite what you want, paint over it, cut it up or pitch it….

Watch how this striking brown paper and cardboard journal evolves along with me getting black paint (which is the WORST) on my hands.