What is Art Journaling?

What is art journaling? It can be lots of things, but we’re focusing on a combination of learning new mixed media arts and how to freely express creativity in a personal journal.

This isn’t about sharing anything in public – this is a safe place for learning and encouragement.

By focusing on trying to make a finished piece of “art,” we lose the most important part of our journey:

  1. freedom to play, to create
  2. to discover more about ourselves
  3. to find the courage to move past perfectionism
  4. to allow ourselves to discover our authentic creative selves

Right now, focus on the creative process, not the end product. Just try to make make beautiful {and not so beautiful} messes!

Use art journaling as a process to express yourself with no limitations, restrictions or fear.

You can do this!

Here is a wonderful video to help you understand what art journaling is and is not.

What is art journaling?
What is visual journaling?
Is there really a difference?

5 journal artists explore the terms “art journaling” and “visual journaling”. Featuring: Lisa Sonora, Connie Solera of Dirty Footprints Studio, Andrea Schroeder of Creative Dream Incubator, Hali Karla, and Kristal Norton.